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Tarsus Vocational and Technical High School was built in 1961 and began with education in leveling (machine) and furniture section and now is the most comprehensive educational school of the region. I.e, within the framework of MEGEP it has been selected as a pilot institution and has been sustaining its activities since 2004. Furthermore, being supported by and within the framework of collaboration of TURKISH-JAPANESE (JAICA), our school has upgraded to automatization and has begun this type of education.
Our school is characterized as an institution providing training by 160 staff and to around 2.500 students. Also there are 60 disadvantaged (physical, economic, cultural) students in our school. In our school we have Machine Technology, Metal Technology, Chemical Technology, Wood Technology, Electric-Electronic Technologies, Information Technology and Automatization Technology Fields.
We are one of 111 schools throughout Turkey in which (SVOC) Specialized Vocational Obtaining Center projects are being implemented. Empowered by that, our school gives great importance to (R&D) Research and Development. Together with attending to Regional and National, Vocational and Technical exhibitions, our school also constantly attends National Robot Building competitions.
Our school:
Vision – To become a leading institution in the field of vocational and technical education by providing the training of manpower with international qualifications in our country.
Mission – To be a pioneer of technology in the developing and changing world in professional and technical education.
Our school’s motivation:
Most of today’s youth, who spend most of their days in digital media, have lack of understanding, interpretation, critical thinking skills, self-confidence due to passive life. We have observed this in our surveys on the basis of schools. It is an important
motivation tool for us that, with this project, we will achieve innovative approaches in the field of Digital Talents, critical thinking, active citizenship, entrepreneurship, and improve language skills.