1st teachers’ meeting – DIGINAME

Activities to do till the end of December

• Presenting the project to the school / community (meetings, posters, school webpage, local media…)

• Students’ selection criteria + informing the community about them (making them public: school webpage, etc)

• Informing the parents of the selected students about the project (in a meeting…) – document everything with photos.

• Twinspace – Partners need to register their students and add them to the project. If you have more teachers, tell the coordinator.

• Creation of a website for the project. (Turkey)

• Creation of school media accounts (Youtube channels, FB, Instagram…) for project dissemination (each school / partner).

• Creation of a Google Drive file to upload / share material. Each partner will be responsible for uploading all the materials produced by them, the pictures / print screens of the information about the project published on the school websites…

• Project logo – definition of rules + deadline.