2nd teachers’ meeting – DIGINAME – 11th December 2020

Activities discussed in our last meeting and already done or being prepared/done:

• School presentations on eTwinning

• Creation of a Google Drive file to put all materials

• Creation of a website: e-diginame.org

• Presentation of the project to the school / local community (website, local press / media, parents…)

• Students’ criteria (to be approved by the school’s main board and published on the school webpage) + selection of the students

• The importance of dissemination (Youtube channels, Instagram, school website, project website, local press/media…)

• Creation of the Erasmus Corner

• Project LOGOS (2) and POSTER (1) – postponed till the end of January. When they are ready – competition on eTwinning (via Google forms poll in the eTwinning portal).

• Project surveys – around 10 questions to be answered by some teachers, students and parents.

• no online mobilities for students for now – let’s wait…

• Next teachers’ online meeting – January 22nd – 10.30 (Portuguese time)