LTT(14-15 MARCH 2022) for TÜRKİYE

Workshops and Events were organized in the presence of experts. Collaborative learning method was used by students presenting their ideas to each other and working together towards a common goal. Entrepreneurship and creativity skills of each participant student improved thanks to the activities and workshops (digital CV preparation, etc.). Computers, tablets and mobile phones were used as digital support for innovative learning. Participating Students evaluated their work in the digital environment on a daily basis.
All participants developed the following core competencies.
-foreign language communication (English)
-digital competencies
-learning to learn
-intercultural social competences
At the end of the mobility;
Partner schools encouraged students to develop their digital skills in their regular activities.
They supported the use of the digital world in a positive way.
– Participating students were enabled to express themselves in a positive way by using digital tools.